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QBC ParaLens Advance

Turn any standard light microscope into an affordable fluorescent microscope with the QBC ParaLens Advance. Compatible with virtually any compound light microscope, the QBC ParaLens Advance provides an easy to use alternative to comparable fluorescence microscopy systems costing thousands of dollars.
QBC ParaLens Advance: Features

The ParaLens Advance is a cutting-edge microscope attachment designed to provide the benefits of LED fluorescence microscopy to any light microscope. LED fluorescence microscopy offers improved detection of many infectious diseases, and has been recommended by the World Health Organization for use in Tuberculosis screening.

The patent-pending design of the ParaLens Advance offers features unmatched by competing fluorescence microscopy products, including:

Upgrade Any Light Microscope

The ParaLens Advance easily attaches to any compound light microscope as an objective. This allows users to upgrade their existing microscopes without wasting precious resources on unnecessary new equipment.

The ParaLens Advance features a patent-pending detachable filter set arm, which both streamlines the attachment for simple setup and allows users to quickly change between objectives whenever necessary.

Durable, Bright LED Light

QBC ParaLens Advance Overview
This video provides a brief overview of the QBC ParaLens Advance microscope attachment.

Unlike fragile, dangerous mercury or xenon bulbs, the ParaLens Advance LED light source is built to last. The bulb offers a life expectancy of 20,000 hours, and its durable construction can withstand virtually any environment.

The ParaLens Advance LED doesn't sacrifice intensity for durability. Its light source is as bright as a 100 Watt mercury vapor bulb, allowing users to conduct sample review even in bright light.

Multiple Convenient Power Options

The ParaLens Advance LED light source is designed to be powered easily, with a variety of convenient power options. The system comes standard with an AC to DC power pack and international plug adapters that can power the LED light source using any outlet in the world.

Portable power options are also available for the system: The ParaLens Advance Portability Pack includes options such as a solar battery pack, USB cord, 9-volt battery clamps and more, while the QBC Mobile Power Station is designed to power the ParaLens Advance as well as other QBC products, with a 22 Amp-Hour rechargeable battery and AC/DC inputs.